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September 24th, The Last Day of The 2016 Market Season


     The last day came off with a bang. Customers brought food like Matt and his family. We gave away Montana diamonds, Indian money, and whacked geodes. It was the last day for Barb Murfield to manage the Market and we loaded her up for her send off. Onto a new season for next year.


Saturdays at the Great Falls Farmers' Market


      Click here to find out frolicking fun at the Farmers' Market. Check out the pictures and comments for the prospecting trail of news for the Great Falls area and surrounding places. Many people contributed to an expanded knowledge of places to dig and come home with your rock treasures. 

     The Great Falls Farmers' Market is always a transition point for those coming and going in the city. Prospecting news is a part of the scenes of offerings to the public. Long live prospecting!














Any time you can combine Montana outdoor festivals with your prospecting, rockhounding activities you can create a memorable weekend under the warm sun of Montana summers. The Chokecherry Festival and What The Hay are just the two best examples of this combination. 

Even the market manager, Barb Lassiter got into the action at the Market with whack-a-geode. Everybody wanted to see what the inside lo0ked like. Gary loved to help people whack-it in the back of our booth!

Customers enjoy the casual talk of Montana rocks and their trails of success in finding their treasures. Dean here, was the lead director in our adventure to the Judith Mountains for Montana diamonds. Former students and their parents always have a chance to check in when our booth is open. Catch up and learning is always fun.

The Blackfoot River Prospecting Club provides a claim to utilize, gather your buckets of gravel and meet up with prospectors from all over getting new ideas and hearing of their finds.

The surrounding vendors and stories that customers share about their prospecting experiences add to the wealth of prospecting knowledge. Eileen H. told of finding silver in the Sapphire Village area when she explored with her nephew. She became an avid prospector because of her periodic interest with our booth offerings. How fun! We made a difference!

Prospecting with rocks comes to the Market downtown Great Falls. Kids and adults can marvel at the many beauties the earth can provide right in our city. Sapphires are a big focus for our booth. Many enjoy reveling in rocks.

A family friendly booth operates to bring information and activities for all members of the family under the bright sunshine of a beautiful day.

All things swirl with the topic of dirt, rocks, and gemstones. lots of enjoyable conversations ensue over our prospecting booth.

Saturday mornings bring out down family time for the curious of mind in the rock department to explore the earths gifts and talk about them.

So many visitors relished in the many aspects of prospecting sapphires and learning where they can access the many treasures of Montana from our outing schedule and reviews.

When a three day weekend arrives and the Great Falls Farmers' Market is at its beginning that is when the atmosphere is full of a popping good time. You can just feel the energy and the fun

Our first day of operation was an  experiment in providing rock related everything. It was a pleasure and a learning curve for all those involved.













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