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Treasure Hunting For 2017

Sites Visited from Mid-May Until the End of September  Click on the Golden Button and It Will Take You to More Information About the Event


Your giant resource for Montana minerals, fossils & geological history for the state of Montana; a fabulous service for all.



Whenever you dig on any place on this claim you will find gold. If you come to their meetings and sign up you can dig there.


map zort

The 20th annual event sponsored by the Yellowstone River Prospecting Club happens every Memorial Day which is open to anyone and is a huge success to learn the ins and outs of prospecting. It's a must on everyone's list.

zortman big dig sluice up the valley

ed klein in lincoln

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were not able to attend the GPAA Burnt River Dig. Local residents, Ed & Michelle Klein, went and are willing to give us a report and pictures. Will post when materials are received upon their return.

lost dutchmans


Canyon Ferry was the host to an agate search which turned into a giant selenite find while searching the shores from a boat. Be sure to bring your fishing pole the fish are jumping!

canyon ferry map


     Two part scenario: some went to the Blackfoot Chapter meeting and some went panning for gold. Anyone is welcome, just sign up and you can pan on any one of the 3 claims there. See last years outings for important details. 



     The search for Hyalite opals can take you on a giant trek up beyond the tree line and you might not get to your destination. But you will get to see beauty along the way.



      Due to car trouble a trip to Cooke City was shortened to a trip to White Sulphur Springs in order to get a video of solar powered equipment. Roadside prospecting was acomplished on the return trip to Great Falls.


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     Searching for garnets and gold was out, but a giant dose of how prospecting began in early Montana was in: a historical delight!



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     Blackfoot River Chapter meeting on Stemple Pass and panning for gold. But you can also check out the write up on nearby Russell Gates Memorial Campground which is full of black sands & bedrock.

Check last year's outings for important details. 




    Beware; be prepared for a religious adjustment to the history of dinosaurs and evolution. This is not a traditional factual approach to a museum of this kind. Check it out online before you go.



      Even though the Vigilantes made this gulch famous, it was the Madison Limestone Formation that makes this destination a sure fire place to find fossils on your own fossil dig.



     Searching for crystals can be on any mountainside in Montana because they are everywhere. But this is a profitable place to try with expanded information about crystals and hints of other places to try.




     In the spirit of necessity a trip to Lincoln got diverted to the Sluice Box State Park and Monarch to look for gold, crystals and fossils.



       Two sapphire mines side by side both have unique ways of serving the public in a pay for dig atmosphere. Each have their value on the El Dorado Bar.



     We went for one thing and found a whole lot more. The Recreational Gold Panning Area was a small feature compared to the Northwest Gold Prospectors Club's elaborate prospecting operation. Check out our videos.



      Teaming your prospecting plans with specialty statewide events helps maximize the fun and adventure. Central Montana is host to a plethora of places to dip your pan into a river such as the Middle Fork of the Judith for you to come up with gold or silver in your pan.




     Even though gold can be drawing you out of your house to the wilds of Montana, when there is the first snow fall of the season you'd rather stay at home by the fire and process your gravel in the garage. We will keep you posted if we found gold in our Lincoln gravel.


Here's the Schedule We Followed

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