Central Montana Prospectors
Central Montana Prospectors

Blackfoot River Chapter, Lincoln, Montana 

Panning For Gold ~ June 17th, 2017






       Two nuggets were won along with prospecting equipment, T-shirts, and tools. Many happy people left with armfuls of winnings after the meeting concluded. Members of the club got copies of the dialogue with the Forest Service from May 19th meeting in Lincoln. The multiple government agencies and their opinions were reported for the club members to decide how they want to proceed with the issue of the elimination of the culvert that gives access to the claim over the creek. Next month’s meeting will have the Forest Service supervisor giving a presentation and question and answer period for resolution of the issue.

      The highlight of the day was the visitation of a Swiss couple who came bearing gifts of crystals picked off the Swiss mountain tops. The biggest and the best was snatched for the Crystal Castle at the Great Falls Public Library’s summer reading Incentive program. The couple also played their Swiss bugle high up the mountainside both before and after the club meeting. It was such a treat to discuss prospecting in other parts of the world.






     “Found gold down below! They just found a picker!” floated up from the riverbank from members of the Blackfoot River Chapter of GPAA after their monthly meeting up top on their 3 claims in Lincoln, Montana. Just like what was stated last year, “You always find gold when you go to this claim.” Members always get the color they are looking for when they find their spots to dig on the Horse Laugh Placer Claim. Teams of out of state visitors and prospectors statewide dug and panned successfully on the bright sunny day with perfect temperatures.

      As we were walking the tailings ridge down to the digging spot Walt said about prospecting in Switzerland, “Not much gold is found there anymore. We mainly search for crystals.” It was so sweet to have repeat visitors to our club’s events from Europe. The bugling on the hillside throughout the day rang beauty across the hills of Montana. The serenity of the sounds was a delight; must have been the prospectors’ song of stillness. 

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