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July 16, 2016

mary show casing my rock bags


   Mary Wilmore poses with one of her rock necklace gifts for being such a great volunteer. She agreed to help her handicapped sister with a Kid's Kit as well. You go, Mary!

tammy torren & daughter


   Local celebrities such as DJ Tammy Torren stopped by for a photo because she is used to getting her picture taken when she interviews me on the radio.

   This time she's with her daughter. How fun!

showcasing sapphires

Show Off

   Many a market visitor comes up to our prospecting booth just to show us their sapphires they have found and had mounted.

   This woman enjoyed showing us her sapphires all over her body. Sapphires are cool to so many.

fudge family market

Kids Stuff

   Amanda Fudge and her family are well aware of the joys of prospecting.

   Little Ellie knew I must have something for her and sure enough I had Kid's Kits to share. The family got one.

   Amanda knew that her baby would come on my birthday and she did!!

book club gal


   It's a thrill to have customers line up at your booth and discover how they can use your products.

   These rock necklaces would be gifts for a local book club to have fun and enjoy an element of rock collecting.

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