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July 23rd, 2016






     Our day kicked off to a happy start when Judy came up to our booth and started talking about her granddaughter about to complete gemologist training. Just the sound of an expert in this field was exciting to hear; we invited her to share our website so she could be a guest contributor to our webpage. Hopefully this will come to fruition.

     And of course the visitation of Jessica Graves from California with her entourage of extended family of three generations was a surprise. She and Brian were fresh from their wedding in Hawaii and we talked prospecting plans for the family.  It’s always great to meet friends new and old.

     A great contribution to the day was the visit of Butch who has prospected all over the nation. We discussed recreational prospecting separate from commercial mining; he agreed that there were distinctive differences between the two. He was will to help join our political process of getting recognition of recreational prospecting in Montana. It is always great to have people willing to hop on board for the development of recreational prospecting.

     This was our first Saturday discussing prospecting birthday parties and some interesting inquiries were made for the future there is definitely two age brackets that need to be addressed some birthday parties are for youngins with kids play kits and the other would be for more mature revelers who want the real thing for their prospecting experience.

     Bringing recreational prospecting to the birthday party scene would be definitely a fun experience of sharing pet rocks, prickly pear cactus juice, and treasure hunting trails.

     All and all recreational prospecting talk is a productive one for sure even though people want to talk fudge and they come in search of rock candy.

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