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New Approach to Outing Reportings: Will Go There, Then Tell You About It Plus Some Links for More Information

October 10th-13th, Wednesday-Saturday, 23rd Outing, Butte, Montana, for the 4th Annual Montana Bureau of Mining and Geology Symposium 

October 8th, Monday, 22nd Outing, Great Falls, Montana even thought the season is over, one can still find rocks in the most unusual places

September 26, Wednesday, 21st Outing, York and Nelson, Montana 

September 26, Wednesday, 20th Outing, Unionville, Montana 

September 17, Monday, 19th Outing, Crystal Lake, Montana 

September 1 & 2, Saturday & Sunday, 18th Outing, Dewey, Montana along with Bannack Gold Panning and Tour

August 25, Saturday, 17th Outing, Searching for Sapphires at the Helena Mineral Society Canyon Ferry Lake Claim called the Beverly #1

Could be called a gold search too

Mid Week Special

August 22, Wednesday, 16th Outing, Gold Panning and More at Gold Panning Adventures in Avalanche Gulch, out of Helena with Steve Hicks 

Scenes of the Day on Avalanche Gulch

August 18, Saturday, 15th Outing, Sapphire Mining at Blaze N' Gems Sapphire Mine out of Helena, Montana

August 11, Saturday, 14th Outing, Gold Panning On GPAA Claim (actually Tim's claim too from Helena Club), Helena (Rimini), Montana. Plus a stop at Good Samaritan Thrift Store netted rocks in bags and in a table already made up for you!!

August 5, Sunday, 13th Outing, Sapphire and Gold Panning, Utica, Montana 

July 29, Sunday, 12th Outing, White Earth Agate Hunting, Winston, Montana with a Canoe Ride Across Canyon Ferry Lake

July 21, Saturday, 11th Outing, Blackfoot River Chapter of GPAA Dig and Business Meeting with Texan, Will Heierman, Presenting Facts, Experiences and Advice in Dealing with the US Forest Service

July 14, Saturday, 10th Outing: Telegraph Creek out of Elliston, Montana, with Andrew Luna Digging Crystals. Check out the Video of His Diggings Below our Scenes and Write up

      This same weekend with crystal hunting out of Elliston, Montana hills the Fudge Family from Great Falls were at a camping retreat for the hearing impaired and deaf at Lolo Hot Springs and they had the opportunity to dig for crystals as well in the volcanic hills around the area. 

      Apparently the shady side of a rock has the crystal formed as one cannot find them on the sunny side. Talking with the locals who can show you where to dig, one can get crystals there as well. Althought the family thought the crystals from Elliston were bigger and better. 

      Just fun to gather them fresh from the earthy vein found in both places. 

July 7, Sunday, 9th Outing: Lincoln, Montana for Heritage Days Demonstrating Gold Panning and Talking Local Claims on Stemple Pass

Gene Keel, President of the Blackfoot River Chapter of GPAA Gave Gold Panning Demonstrations All Day

July 1, Sunday, 8th Outing: Helena Sapphire Panning at Blaze N" Gems in the Helena Valley teamed with visit to the Trex Agate Shop in Bynum more about both places by clicking on the buttons below

June 30, Saturday, 7th Outing: Two Medicine Dinosaur Center for the 40th Birthday of the Discovery of the Maiasaurus 

  June 24th, Sunday,  6th Outing:  Going Only As Far As the Backyard  Experimenting with a Homemade Dredge 

June 17th, 5th Outing: Blackfoot River Prospecting Club's: Let's Test Drive Prospecting Equipment Rendezvous, Lincoln, Montana

June 9, 4th Outing: Butte Mine Tour, Mining Museum and the Butte Gem and Mineral Show ....total blast!

June 2, 3rd Outing of the Season: A Trip to a Prospecting Equipment Manufacturer...Gold Fox of Conrad, Montana    FABULOUS!!!!!!

               Second Outing of the 2018 Season: Zortman Big Dig May 26-28                            An immersion in a total prospecting experience, especially good for the newbie; for more details check out these links below

                              First Outing of the 2018 Prospecting Season: Lincoln, MT                    a serious meeting about governmental effects for the prospector

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