Central Montana Prospectors
Central Montana Prospectors

Historical Tidbits are When We Consider Something as a Connection with the Past; It Comes in All Sorts of Forms

The Montana Feature of the Chicago World's Fair in 1893

     When the 27 million people streamed through the doors of the Chicago Wolrd's Fair, one of their destinations was the Montana exhibit because it had a silver sculpture of Lady Liberty hand carved from silver found in Montana and modeled after the the perfect size woman for it.

      The sculpture was featured along with sapphires people could have cut and lots of minerals to feast your eyes upon. Lady Liberty was sculpted without her eyes being covered or wearing a blindfold. 

      Montana was well featured long ago in our country. We can be proud today too of our state's greatness.

A Prospecting Gift From Dad

     While working on an art project, Jesse Buff pulled out his prospecting pack from his father. His father used this canvas war pack stuffed full of gold pans, chisels, rock hammers and hand made knives to encourage those tough little critters out of their dirt nest like crystal hunting with Andrew Luna. Those crown jewels that come from the heat of the earth don't always want to leave their home. 

     It is a proud moment when you can say, "My father used these when he went prospecting in the Mountains of Montana. One could be so lucky as to inherit their parent's supplies for prospecting the Montana earth. Life is good.

Life As it Was in the Beginnings of Montana without Law & Order While Prospecting in the 1800's as Recreated by a Park Ranger

Avalanche Gulch Mining Remains Explained by Experienced Prospector

Despicable Behavior

       Learned last week about the US Forest Service disservice; more today. Disgusting. There was a 10,000 year old road all along the Continental Divide from Alaska, through Canada, on down the US that was used by the Native Americans forever and people here.  The US Forest Service not only didn't contact the Historical Society, but came in, closed the road and bulldozed it over without notifying anyone. Just destroyed access to historical roadways for no justifiable reason or without notice to those involved.

       This is out of Avon and I was told to go take pictures of it as the people in the area who live there are livid. No respect for history, the people or access by the public to the traditional ways of the Chippewa Cree or any human. 

      That's what we have to live with when we have a government agency that does not want the public to have access to the forest and can do anything they want. So much for travel plans that don't include the people involved and who are excluded; it's all rigged and the USFS is NOT serving the people but taking the forests for themselves, keeping people from having access destroying historical roads of use of indigenous people and others.

Montana Gold Prospecting Learning Goes Alaskan Style

     News came that Delbert Henry of the Missouri River Diner in Great Falls who is vacationing in Alaska with his son, found lots of gold while prospecting in July there.       

      With a call he said, "And that photo sent was only 1/3 of the gold found!"  The kicker to this is the fact that Delbert learned most of his gold prospecting techniques right here in Montana and can take his knowledge and reasoning anywhere in the world he wants to  apply it right then and there. This is family history in the making for the prospector.  Now Delbert has a lot more on his counter to show patrons of his diner just what he accomplished while he was away. Montana gold search goes everywhere!! Montana shows the way.

This is how the Government does it: If they want your claim, they send in a validator who assesses the land to see if any prudent person would want to spend their time searching for gold. If they can find an assessor who says, "NO!!"  then the claim is invalidated and thus the government can take it and do what they want with it and the miner can't relocate and the claim is withdrawn.

      That is how this campground came into existence; it once was an original claim that the government wanted to take over, and they used the discrediting technique just like when they want to claim land for road construction: they just condemn it to take possession.  BLM

      But this area is still full of gold and it was suggested to go check it out while in the area. 

A tour of the Butte, Montana, underground mine

A Milemarker Came; we are onto more.

     Coming up here shortly will be time for celebration. No we don't go out and tie one on, we take a moment to say, "Job well done!" to each other. We are about to reach 10,000 hits on our webpage and we expect to set off some noise, fireworks and ground blooms for sure. I'm sure some cake just might be in store and there is a perfect one downtown at the Cory Block with crystal rocks all up the side of it in a swirl from bottom to the top. That just might be the share point to say, "Hey, we never had any idea our simple idea of sharing Montana treasures would be so informative all over the world. But any day now, we will be a hollerin'. Prospecting news is a popular item. Hallelujah!! We are blessed!!  We hit it at about 3 PM, June 3, 2018!!! What's that for numbers? A 6-3? Numerically interesting. 



One of the first 10 Original Gold Foxes Comes Back Home to Conrad, Montana after 5 years

      Someone from Washington bought one of the first Gold Fox mini trommels from Kelly Fowler in 2013, said she found over 100 ounces of gold with his original machine and wanted to know if she could trade her Gold Fox in for a newer model. Right away, Kelly said, "I will buy your Gold Fox back for $500." He intends to put a historical section together of his prototypes in his shop to showcase the history of his company. Such a good idea as people can visually see the parade of creative thought, technical changes, and improvements in the retrieval of gold for the prospectors.

      In calculating the money generated from the original Gold Fox from 5 years ago, at a rate of $1295.00 per ounce, this woman made about $129,500 for her investment. That's why prospecting is a good hobby because it doesn't take much money and you can stand the chance of getting a good return on your dollar if you apply some smart, strategic thinking. 

      So happy that Kelly Fowler can see the value of his own equipment and making a scenario of manufacturing development in his own shop. Historical legacies are what make this world of value. Seeing and measuring our progress is important.



Remember When These Were the Treasured Item to Have?

     Long ago, gift shops always had a healthy supply of these treasure boxes for the visitor to say Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park or in most any other state. They get stored and come out of the cedar chest or attice when the need to declutter comes around for a garage sale.

       When people know you are a rock hound and they see these, they become great gifts for Christmas in someone's stocking. They have such a nice selection of stones with perfect examples that are unheard of these days. 

      The Rock Box is entered into history as the delight for rocks is endearing and lasts through all generations and especially with women!!


Handout Given to Visitors in Garnet Ghost Town That Has Some Interesting History In It. Print Your Own Copy To Enjoy!

Notice that the buildings are numbered to correspond to what they are on the map and the numbers help you to explain the buildings’ history to your kids during the Kid’s Challenge.

A Guide to Recreational Gold Panning in Alaska

Gold Panning Alaska Book

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