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Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum


   When you have someone change history and facts on you, it is not easy to accept.

     Creationism believes the earth is only 6000 years old just because some preacher said so.

    I actually believe in some scientific data and means of ordering history. I kind of think those dating machines tell the truth as to how old something is.

   Would I want to go to a place that denies facts?


Opinion rules over fact in this place.


     When one sets up a plan to visit places around the state to learn and see geological displays, you really don’t think you will run into a confrontation with distorted truth.

     But upon investigating the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum I learned it was not a place I wanted to go.

     God got into the mix by someone and all of a sudden history was altered. Not my idea of fun.


Think about this ahead of time before you visit.


   It seems that it is our duty to be kind to one another and try to keep our religious beliefs out of public facilities.

   That is really not the concern with the displays presented at the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.

    The curators don’t believe in the evolutionary model of how man evolved. This display contradicts everything I learned in college at the University of Montana when I was an anthropology major.


   There might be interesting displays of dinosaurs at this Museum, but the belief system repels those that think they will get a dose of realism.

    Facts are taken on a skewed direction when religion gets involved in making displays.

     The rocks out in the Makoshita State Park would be far more interesting as they are real and not fictitious stories woven for unsuspecting minds.




    Combining human footprints with those of the dinosaurs and making me believe it as true just goes against my nature.

    All the vehemence mustered just doesn’t pack it. Concoctions of history can be considered shams and are not worth miles of travel to see such things, nor the expense of gas and lodging.

   I’m safe with my own fossils rather than seeing some made up piece. Some people have money to waste.








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