Central Montana Prospectors
Central Montana Prospectors

August 13th, 2016


Family Rocks

     The Fudge family always stops to see what we have in the line of rocks.

     Today each kid got gold nugget boxes. The entire family each got their initials on rocks. And the family got a gold nugget panning kid’s kit and our new gemstone puzzle pack.

     We bond with rocks.


Giving Approval

     Carol Newall gave approval of the new garnet gift card over the phone so she had to stop by and see what it looked like for reals.

     She approved and showcased it for us.



Rock Service

     At first thought it was necessary to charge something for rocks with initials but soon it was more fun to give them away.

     I changed the sign from 50 cents to free.

     It's just so fun to give away rocks to people with their own personalized stamp on it.

     They are always proud of it.


History Rules!

     Oftentimes people come up to our prospecting booth and tell their stories.

     This guy told fond memories of prospecting with his father in Washington and Alaska when his father was in the Merchant Marines.

     The legacy of prospecting together with his father was strong.


Rock Jewelry

     A feature of our prospecting booth is to share the love of rocks.

     We have rock necklace packs that people can add additional rocks to their packet.

     This girl enjoyed selecting her own colors and specialty pieces to her goods to make into a necklace at home with her family.

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