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Black Opals: Where did you dig them?

      Perfect question asked of Julie Squires at High Tech Automotive in Great Falls. She said she dug them in Nevada.  Hmm...I want to do that. With a quick search of the internet there are sites there that have it set up so one can mine them yourself.

     It's never too late to set your calendar for next year. A trip to northern Nevada would be perfect for Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day when there is a three day openness. 

      Her issue today was where to store them or what to do with them now. Organization of your rocks is a big issue with women who like rocks. Many are still in my car and kids entering it admire them. They are like scenes of mystery and interest. I bet this is a much better trip than hitting up Spencer, Idaho. Check out this website for further information. http://nevada-outback-gems.com/Rockhound/Nevada_opal_virgin.htm   This destination might be a good one for planning 2019 prospecting ideas.

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Sapphire Miners Collect the Unusual Stones

     When owners of sapphire mines daily see unusual rocks come across their piles, they start collecting. Wherever there is gold there is hematite. All kinds of unusual hematite can be found at Blaze N' Gems Sapphire Mine out of York. 

     The hematite jug Blaze had was full of the unuusual looking specimens. Sometimes they resemble body parts like a kidney or a liver. I love the weight of them and the deep, dark purple color. They are heavy like a bullet or a shot.  

     It's a wonder what you can compare and find interesing to talk about when it comes to the search for sapphires, because often it means talk of other stones as well or the breakup of friendships over stones. We've seen and heard of that. Stones, rocks and hematite are attractive for sure. 




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