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Blaze N’ Gems, June 11 


     First you dig and shake. Then you bring your buckets to Blaze's station to pay or have it washed for you.


     Last year Blaze told us how he obtained this place located on a road behind the York Bar with directions to it. You don’t need a four wheeler to get there.

     At one time the El Dorado Bar was owned by one person who decided to split it up into 20 acre segments. Blaze, from Utah wanted to buy a section but had to save up for it. The acreage goes back and the digging area he drives you to after he has you sign papers. At his station you will see his big rig he designed to gather sapphires that he processes daily with his son and his friend.

     At the dig site you can fill your buckets after shaking them through his screens. The buckets you haul out are $10 each and he charges $5 per bucket if you have him wash for sapphires. He shakes them with skill and ease, throwing in his big sapphire which always shows up in the center of the screen. Amazing.

     My son found a large stone in his pile from the start and found one at the end, but the buckets we got this year did not contain any sapphires. Last year gold was found and some sapphires with some buckets. It was 97 degrees last year, but this year the temperature made it a much more enjoyable experience with kids and dogs.

      There are several mines along this stretch and some people have found good sapphires. Luck of the dig sometimes.

Hooray for Dirt!!!


     Families can see the results of their recreational prospecting  digs at this spot. But dogs can have their own kind of fun with the rock and certainly Odin does. He does a search and rescue of his favorit rocks in the sand hills left behind from prospecting.

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