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Rock Stops and Shops Around Montana

Blaze N Gems' New Rock Shop in the Helena Valley







      If you are inclined to search for sapphires on flat ground and not traverse dirt trails up the mountain top down to a mine, you might want to consider stopping at Blaze N Gems right off of York Road instead of heading for the hills. You have the same opportunities to find your sapphires in gravel buckets, classify, and wash them to find your sapphires. The atmosphere is just different and there is less wear and tear on your car if you stay down at his shop in the Helena Valley. If you dig in his mine up on the hill, you can be remote, have the deer watch you and dig at bedrock. Either way, you can get gravel to find Montana sapphires. He has a cool rock collection at his shop and you can see his array of cut stones.









Windy Way Rock Shop

     When one travels around the state of Montana stops at local rock shops are high on the list of places to visit.

     Just outside of Bozeman at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park is Livingston. It has a rock shop that is open 6 days a week loaded full of fossils, gemstones and all things related to rocks.

     It is found on the side of a mini mall on your way down to rockhound in the Petrified Forest.

     This rock shop was recommended by the Great Falls rock shop owner Mark Amundson who is friends with these owners

     If you want to be knowledgeable about rocks and talk to someone who has been in the business a long time stop by to check out their vast rock collection and see what they have to offer. You'll be glad you did and especially if you have you rock kids who want to know more in the form of Montana geology.



Stix N Stones Rock Shop

     Mark Amundson, a Vietnam vet, has the only Great Falls rock shop at the 4West Art League at the Columbus Center.

     He is open mainly on First Friday Art Walks or by special appointment.

     He specializes in agates but has a wide variety of stones such as dinosaur rocks and fossils of a very unique nature.

     He makes jewelry out of any rock you bring him and he definitely knows his stuff.

     You can ask him any rock question you can think of and he will tell you lots of stories about your inquiries.

     He winters in Arizona each year and has lots of stories to tell of the gigantic rock events offered there.

     He always gives guests to his shop a complimentary stone and he regularly goes rock hunting along the rivers and streams of Montana he knows where you can find many specialty stones and fossils.

     You just have to talk with him and ask your questions. He is a great resource.

Blaze N' Gems on the York Road out of Helena Has a Mesmerizing Rock Counter


       There's nothing like the counter of a rock shop as a sight for sore eyes. All those multi colored specimens ground to perfection, showing all the tiny particles of earthen beauty encased with a bevel of metal that can hang from your neck.

      Some are found in Avon, some in the back hills behind the rock shop out of Helena, but some cut with the most brilliant shine you just gotta have it.  Rocks just call to you without using a phone dial tone. They make you feel like you own something of value and you never want to let them go.

     Outside a rock shop you can find rocks just sitting because they are so perfect to own, like at Blaze N' Gems on York Road. Then go to the mine up top the hill and you can dig yourself some. Rock shops are for visitors to our state and towns. Helena has some good ones, of course, Bynum, and Phillipsburg touts sapphires all around the area. Rocks just help us live life better. Get some for your pockets all over Montana!!

     Watch Live on Facebook Andrew Luna cut slabs of rocks and tour around his yard for his buckets and piles of rocks collected from all around Montana and elsewhere is captivating.

      Even though it takes 15-20 minutes to slice a slab of rock, you get tours and sites and sounds of a rock hounding advocate. Ask to sign up on facebook for 406 Minerals and exploration so you can get the notices of when Andrew goes live. You will be fascinated at the earthen  beauty that comes alive with each slice. It's totally fun. They are found out of Helena, the seat of all things rocks. You will love it.

Blaze N' Gems Brings You Fresh Bedrock Gravel at his Sapphire Mine in Helena

Montana Bureau of Mining & Geology

montana minerals case


Benefits of MBMG

               Had never heard of this organization that was started at the beginning of the 1900’s until a serious rock hounder told me this was the source of information and records for the state of Montana that you could not find anywhere else.

               When researched on the internet the find was astounding and quickly a date was set to go see this facility on site. The archival records is what I am seeking because apparently one can have anything you want put onto a disk for your perusal at home.

               In looking at their website there is much to see. Just the idea of the meteorites from the sky or the 27.5 troy ounce gold nugget found out of Butte. For sure there will be pictures of these to share with you for your trips around the state.


Plan On This!

      In setting your future goals put this on your October calendar because this program will surely fill the bill for any topics of mineral and mining interest that you might have.

      While you are in Butte attending this symposium, plan on going to the archival section and see how the integral workings of this fabulous place work.

     Plus, you cannot miss the museum itself on the third floor overlooking the campus of Montana Tech. You will be sure to want to take lots of pictures of the gold and all the stones that abound in this room.

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