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Central Montana Prospectors

July 9th, 2016


     Dan Kapti, a local prospector of the involved kind, stopped by and offered this comment that all of us prospecting groups should be sharing events with each other and attending site diggings jointly. He mentioned the Helena group uses a certain site out of Helena he has dug on for years as well as with the Bozeman group. Good idea.

     Another guy from Durango, Colorado, just visiting the city said that his farmer’s market could learn lots from the Great Falls Farmer’s Market as he considered it a very good, including our booth.

     Many comments as to the nice display we had...how cool is that!

Sapphire Panning

     At one point in time with people lined up to pan, they had to leave and come back because the line was so long. Lots of interest in dealing with dirt and sifting through rocks. We were able to gift Jim Wilson’ granddaughter some sapphire time to soothe her wounds from her grandfather’s recent death. So sad.

       Families such as Dr. Crane was heard to have said, “We should take our kids out and pan for sapphires, honey.” (Yes you should!)

Showing Off

     With the recent shipment of prospecting materials from the Gold Prospecting Association of America of videos, magazines, and mining guide we were able to show rusty prospectors possibilities and seekers how to go out in search of this recreational opportunity in Montana.

      We have prospecting videos to check out at our booth. We also shared our website features and its debut. One guy early in the day said that he had been all over the site and liked it. Not even 24 hours old and we are talking with the world!! Amazing.



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