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White Earth Agate Search

White Earth Campground, June 11th, 2017 

Crystal Happy :)





               Finding a giant stash of stones is the delight of the recreational prospector and we did just that on Sunday, June 11, 2917. Last year a group of us went to Crystal Park in southwestern Montana to dig in the giant gopher holes for crystals and came up with itty bitty ones that you held in your fingertips.

     In Zortman in eastern Montana we found small tubular crystal chards that were bountiful, but not until we took to our canoe did we find a wall with a ribbon of crystals 2 layers thick and so many crystals we took them out in slabs and couldn’t take the biggest one because it was a boulder so huge that it wouldn’t fit in the boat!


Agate Sad :(




     Start off in search of one thing and discover that you find something else when you have the joy of recreational prospecting in your heart. That’s what we discovered when we had the perfect Google map delineating exactly where to go but yet when you get there the terrain of the land mixed with the water brings a whole new plan of action.
     So you think you’re going up the fingers as seen up above but it looks different when you are in the water from a canoe. Agates that were supposedly  unearthed from every rainstorm weren’t so readily found in the fingers. We found two on the shore figuring they would eventually be washed down but we found that skimming the shore line, pinpointing certain spots to dock our canoe and trekking along the shore brought boulder discoveries. 
     If you want to feel like Lewis & Clark go left out of the White Earth campground in your boat or canoe to look at the geological formations that can keep you in awe. there’s no other way to access this beauty is owned by specific landowners and the only way to get at it is via boat it is so worth it to do it on a balmy day when the fish are jumping. Your heart and soul will be glad you did and your trip will give a boat full of selenite crystals and happiness to last till your next adventure. Kids can leave stickers on rocks too for a footprint that you have been there and the cows can watch you from the distant shore. The pelicans leave you alone and the swallows fly all around as you skim the lake top in search of rock gems.


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