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August 27th, 2016

renee at the market


     Fossils abound. Renee McKey is an avid rockhound and has been collecting them for years. She has come to a point where she would like to get rid of some so came to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market and joined our Prospecting booth. Some of her mica and fossils were available for people; of course they had to be touched, handled and questions ensued. Rock anything is nice to have to share with the public at our booth.


     Visitors borrow our videos.



     Each market booth brings something new from our Central Montana Prospectors product development department.

     This day featured bottle toppers with savored rocks from our outings around the State of Montana.

     One lady says, “Got rocks, got corks, got glue, I can make them myself.” Yep, that’s the idea to stimulate your imagination to enhance you own life.

     We bring ideas and embellishments to your life.


trommel day invite



     First thing upon opening another vendor to our booth found our GPAA magazine of interest and borrowed it so she could catch up on the latest gold panning and metal detecting information.

      We are so glad to help. Later on in the morning a horsewoman came up and wanted to borrow our video which is presented for just that opportunity to learn about recreational prospecting.

      Her husband is soon to retire along with her neighbors down the road and she wanted to learn more so new activities could fill their lives. 

     Recreational prospecting is just that key.

     Both of these women got their questions answered at our booth along with many others.





     One visitor to our booth volunteered his observation of our services. He asked if we were the group form 1601 2nd Ave. North. Yep, that we are.

     He mentioned the other group pushes GPAA; all I had to do is point my finger at all the GPAA material on the table and mention the claims we go to and information we have available on our website about the benefits of GPAA.

      He said he wanted to get a copy of the GPAA magazine, but said you can’t find a GPAA magazine any more on the newsstand.

      He said he wished he could get one and was glad to see it.

      He could borrow the newspaper which comes with the subscription to the GPAA. They are both valuable.





     When I told one gal we think of rocks to the point of dreaming about new ideas. I told her I was dreaming of rocks on birdhouses.

     She said, “I bet that will be the next product you will offer here at your booth!” She’s got the right idea; rocks rule!


     The neighboring vendor shouted out, “Alma has about invited the entire city to the Trommel Day at her house.”   

     We did mention the day of discovery with prospecting machines in my driveway and many indicated they wanted to come see and learn how they work. 

     Many Trommel Day cards of invite were passed out as a reminder of the place and time of our educational program.

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