Central Montana Prospectors
Central Montana Prospectors

August 6th, 2016



     Families that prospect together stay together.

     This family jumped in to the panning for sapphires and other stones in his gravel bag having fun finding the glistening beauties found in each one of our bags.

     This young boy was visiting from Idaho, knew how to gold pan and was familiar with panning but still wanted to do more with his family.

     They walked away happy with their bag of sapphires, amethyst, and shark teeth dotted with garnets.


Kid's Zone

     It’s so delightful to have young kids stop by our prospecting booth. So many love rocks.

     This young girl chose the cutest rock from our selection and she was so happy to have her new friend with her initials on it.

     Sharing our love of rocks with each other helps us stay connected with what life has to offer us living on this planet.

     Simple living can be beautiful and rocks are an expression of our links with each other.

     It all happens at the Great Falls Farmers' Market!



     Kathy and Dan Dunn stopped by to share their usual jokes, but this time they brought their German exchange student.

     She was presented a Montana sapphire gift card as a welcome and a thank you for visiting our county.

     She's studying agricultural marketing  so invited her to see our art marketing Monday night at the Tribune. Then suggested she learn about cows from Hobson to Russia.

     Visitors from around the world learn about prospecting at our booth.



     Got the low down from a very educated gentleman about the upcoming election.

     John Borgreen is willing to share his advice about the election to the Supreme Court in the state of Montana.

     We will be putting his advice on our home page so that all prospectors know about the best choices at the polls for us to have access to land and not imbalance the scales.



     Today's new feature was initials on rocks.

     It was a way to give to the public something simple that represented prospecting and personalized this gifting gesture to those who wanted it.

     It was so fun to see the joy in people's eyes and hearts to receive this simple gift.

     Vendors need opportunity to receive the joy at the market as well. Happy days!

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