Central Montana Prospectors
Central Montana Prospectors

June 25th, 2016 Our First Day

     In one short week Carol Newall and I put together a Great Falls Farmer's Market booth June 25, 2016 for the season. Carol made 100 bags of gravel for customers to try their hand at sorting sapphires.


     Josh K. Saksa of 406 Minerals came from Helena with his buddy to share their rocks they had extracted from the hills of Montana. It was great to have such an array of choices of rocks for our booth. Carol was busy demonstrating sapphire classifying and gold panning. She was able to use concentrate from Zortman, Montana that had been freshly dug Memorial Day weekend with the Yellowstone Chapter's Big Dig.


     After the market Carol gushed that it was so exciting to be able to show customers the gold flakes in the gold pan just like she was taught by Bob Rosteck from the Blackfoot River Prospecting Chapter of Lincoln.


     Many people were drawn to our Central Montana Prospecting booth because rocks are loved by almost everyone.


     Each week we have been able to feature new items at our booth the interest of the public is always fun to address. We also have new guests that are willing to help out sharing information about recreational prospecting. It was a great kick off because the Treasure Hunting in Montana was able to continue right on schedule.

Happy Customers

     The owner of Five Loaves stopped by before she went to work at her booth with her granddaughter, Asia, with good words to say.

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